Enjoy life at the
Paevalja residence
Minutes away from your home the Viimsi health trail is located. Created for walking and running, which is highlighted in the dark. The length of the trail is 2.6 km.
Have you been to the Viimsi Adventure Park? If you want to have an active holiday in the summer, you can go with the whole family to conquer the trails up in the trees and test your dexterity, strength and balance.
Do you like outdoor activities in winter? Within walking distance you will get to the descent, where you can hone your skills in skiing or snowboarding.
Those who work hard and want to relax will definitely like the Viimsi SPA, which is located just 2.5 km away. from your home, there is also the Apollo Cinema.
There are only 5 water parks in Estonia, and just one of them Atlantis H2O is located near your home, just 2.5 km from you.
There is an excellent selection of schools and nurseries in the area including Viimsi High School, which is about 2 km away
Рядом есть несколько детских садов, ближайшие 700 метров.
Easy to commute to the city centre.
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